Health & Wellness

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Instil a sense of vitality in your people and your organisation

Designed to bring the benefits of positive mental health and wellness to into the program, our Health and Wellness solution improves overall business performance and promotes a healthier company culture by connecting stakeholders through team building activities, physical challenges, healthier habits and engaging health assessments.

My Wellness Assessment

My Wellness

Stakeholders can take their first step towards a healthier life by completing our fun and simple wellness assessment.

Developed by leading industry experts, the assessment covers a range of questions relating to the users wellbeing and lifestyle, which in turn creates a personalised health profile along with the ability to create and set goals.

  • Physical health
  • Mindfullness
  • Diet & lifestyle
  • Fitness & wellbeing

Interactive Challenges

Personal, peer-to-peer or group fitness challenges that aim to assist employees in building healthier habits and fitness levels. By connecting to personal devices, such as FitBit or wearables, users can connect, track and share progress and daily results with their peers and colleagues.

Interactive Wellness Challenges

Programs & Education

Aimed to support mind, body and soul, our extensive learning modules are designed to empower people with the skill set that allows them to shine in every aspect of their life. Lasting two to twelve weeks in length, we have worked with leading industry experts to bring you programs that are interactive, fun and highly educational.

  • Health¬†recipes
  • Active bodies
  • Stress less
  • Happy heart
  • Weight management
  • Plus more!
Wellness Programs and Education