How it works

How it works2018-04-24T12:03:06+10:00

Let’s take the steps towards your roadmap to loyalty

With increasing challenges in the battle for customer love and loyalty, todays loyalty programs must continually adapt, surprise and delight. From simple rewards and benefits, to interactive gamification or recognition modules, our platforms are designed to clearly outline and deliver your loyalty strategy.

Roadmap to loyalty

Let’s identify your audience

By understanding your key demographic, we help scope and develop the strategy required to create a relevant & impactful ecosystem.

Whether it be your Employees, Customers or Members, your target audience is specific to you. It may change over time, expand or become smaller, but it is something you must always keep in mind when trying to gain visibility.

Once we have identified and understood your audience, it’s time to understand their interests, needs and purchasing habits in order for us to adapt your loyalty strategy and maximise your audience’s potential.

Identify your audience
Influence engagement

Influencing engagement with rules & triggers

We work with you to set specific triggers & rules of engagement in order to influence consumer journey and determine member status levels.

Gamify the customer experience. Want to leave your audience asking for more? Consider how gamification can make their consumer journey both interactive and engaging.

Measure using points. Looking to track and recognise stakeholder engagement? Introduce a points system to keep them sticky whilst rewarding actions and behaviours.

Communicate with relevance. Create a targeted approach to personalised EDM, SMS and notifications with a communications strategy that fits your business and inspires your people.

Creating a marketplace to reward and add value

Leverage Australia’s leading brands to deliver instant benefits and savings to the people that matter most.

Whether looking to reward your current audience, attract new customers, or do both, creating your own exclusive marketplace allows you to add value with a great point of difference.

From a standard rewards offering, to creating internal workplace perks, our solutions are fully customisable for businesses large or small.

Rewards marketplace
Secure Transactions

Securely transact with your own branded platform

We ensure you take control of the way your business accepts payments whilst adding value to your stakeholders and bottom line.

eWallet payments. Our secure eWallet ensures you can seamlessly transact across all payment mediums including credit, debit and BPAY, anytime from any device.

Terminal integrations. EFTPOS, POS systems, eCommerce or Mobile Pay, decide how you wish to transact with your stakeholders, and we will deliver the solution to make it happen.