Member & Customer Incentives

Member & Customer Incentives2018-07-03T10:05:37+10:00

Captivate customers and keep them coming back for more

In today’s competitive market, attracting new members and customers can be challenging, however retaining and keeping them engaged can be even more difficult. Our solutions enable organisations to create an ecosystem with multiple touch-points attracting targeted prospects and converting them into long-term valuable customers.

Member benefit programs

Membership with benefits

Our interactive platforms add value to existing membership programs, providing organisations with real time and relevant analytics, and as such, the opportunity to better connect and communicate with members. With the ability to segment members into specific levels or status tiers, organisations can unlock additional benefits or influence a specific member journey.

Scalable platform solutions

Scalable solutions for every sized business

Tailored to specific demographics, requirements and budgets, our business ready solutions are designed to influence loyalty through targeted promotional mechanics. Real time analytics and reporting ensures organisations have the ability to monitor and evaluate campaign progress, whilst delivering detailed customer data and profiling.

Create your own business ready campaigns

Cashback redemption

Offer customer’s cashback incentives every time they transact with your brand.

eGift Card & Vouchers

Issue your own eGift Cards creating a more valuable brand experience and guaranteed spend values.

Points for dollars

Nominate a point for dollars ratio, and reward customers for spending on specific products and services.

Retail Rewards Programs