Encourage key stakeholders to interact and share the experiences you create for them as a business and a brand.


Our Gamification solution seamlessly integrates into a range of websites and infrastructure, incentivising members to engage with relevant content or actions. By setting specific rules and triggers, organisations can further monetise member engagement with their internal products or affiliate partners, providing them with a direct channel to connect, up-sell and cross-market to their loyal supporter base.


  • Set rules and triggers to influence consumer journey
  • Issue reward mechanisms such as badges, levels & tiers
  • Track activity or reviews, attending events and linking social media
  • Social Media integration
  • Creation of EDM & SMS assets
  • Drive brand relevance, support and engagement
  • Personal Interaction Platform
  • Smart device integration
  • Campaign manager including administration dashboard

How gamification kicks your business into high gear.


Determine the rules around point allocation and distribution, awarding your members with points every time they engage or transact with your brand, products or services.

  • Create your own internal points currency and ecosystem
  • Award points upon engagement or achievement
  • Allow your employees or members to select offers
  • Points can be redeemed for value at your discretion
  • Administration dashboard
  • Full integration capabilities

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