Ensure a sustainable competitive advantage by creating a positive emotional experience with your brand.

Member & Consumer

Organisations can now develop and extend their own ecosystem to members and consumers, rewarding and incentivising them for specific interaction and their member loyalty.


With the ability to segment members into various tiers and levels subject to member type or status, our loyalty solutions have the ability to unlock a new frontier of benefits and influence consumer journey.

Features & Benefits

  • Drive acquisition and retention
  • Better understand and connect with members
  • Additional value to existing membership programs
  • Monetise sponsors and affiliate partnerships
  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Member profiling through analytics
  • Manage subscriptions and renewals
  • Create and maintain own member portal

Four reasons why a membership platform is a must for your business in 2017.

Employee & Workplace

Our Employee & Workplace solution has been designed to influence performance, productivity and positive work culture. Through a range of integrated touch points and triggers, our platform increases worker satisfaction, rewards positive behaviours and boosts retention rates, through a fully customisable Employee Loyalty solution.


  • Influence and recognise employee initiative
  • Redeem incentives via fully branded eWallet
  • Christmas Club Program


  • Measure and reward performance, including third party sales
  • Promote activity through point allocation
  • Workplace leader boards


  • Real time HR analytics and reporting
  • Centralised dashboard for internal communications
  • Social, calendar and events


  • Endless subsidised entertainment benefits
  • Branded employee debit card
  • Reconciliation & reporting capabilities

Customer & BUSINESS

From small business to large organisations, our bespoke Customer Loyalty solutions can be tailored to specific demographics, requirements and budgets. Our business ready modules are designed to influence loyalty through targeted campaigns and promotional mechanics, ensuring your brand stays relevant and top of mind.

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Better Engage and

Tailor dynamic gamification and points modules in order to inspire, manage and communicate with engaged stakeholders.

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Create your own

Access instant rewards and benefits across retail and lifestyle brands and service providers, or create your very own community hub.

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Launch your secure
payment gateway

Launch a secure payment gateway and transact seamlessly by integrating the necessary tools to drive brand value and sales.

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