Control the way your business accepts payments, without having to deal with a variety of payment providers.

Secure switch

Our secure Payments Platform can be seamlessly integrated into existing ecommerce, POS and EFTPOS systems, allowing customers to select their preferred payment method every time they transact.

Organisations now have the flexibility to accept multiple payment methods without dealing with numerous payment providers when looking to transact using BPAY, Direct Debit, Credit or Debit Card.


  • Authorise and reconcile transactions seamlessly.
  • Accept a range of alternative payment methods.
  • End to end security compliance.
  • Real time payment confirmation.
  • Payment dashboard and detailed analytics.


  • No need to deal with multiple providers or banks.
  • Increase profits with lower transaction fees.
  • Accept QR or Barcodes to identify payments.
  • Manage consumer loyalty with one integration.
  • Members can transact using points or eWallet.

Payments & Integration

Loyalty Corp provides a complete package of technology and ongoing support for organisations to implement a successful loyalty platform. Whether offline or fully integrated, our bespoke capabilities allow for seamless connectivity, enabling businesses to securely transact and manage their consumer loyalty.

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